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Definitely the best way to train: dancing at the speed of amazing songs with great people. A good opportunity to burn calories without realizing it.

Zumba is a musical fitness group lesson that combines the rhythm of Afro-Caribbean music, with aerobic traditional movements.

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Cross Cardio

Cross Cardio gives you the opportunity to learn the technique of fundamental exercises with its different kinds of training and intensity that can be proposed to every kind of athletes.

We approach Cross Cardio in the same way of Jairo’s training courses: he thinks that every single athlete have to improve “globally”.

Cardiovascular and functional aspects are fundamental for this specific training that aim to a metabolic change in order to achieve physiological results. It is also important the focus of training so that you can transfer your energies and your strength from the centre outwards.

brazuca logo


Brazuca Fitness is new trend in the Fitness world as well as in well-being.Our plan is different form all the other ones because we aim to give 100% Brasilian imprint. Brazuca Fitness is created by Andrè Cruz, choreographer,dancer and Fitness trainer. Brazuca fitness is an explosive mix which incorporates basic gym movements, tribal rhythms and Brazilian dance, Afro dance moves, movements from Brazilian martial arts such as Capoeira and Maculele, and most important the key ingredient of a successful fitness program: FUN. A total workout, combining cardio and strength training. Brazuca Fitness keeps classes successfull thanks to the choice of the right music, which gives to participants the high energy and to let themselves go into those rhythms which are already fun according to the tradition of Brazilian and Latin culture.

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Reggaeton Fitness®

The purpose of Reggaeton Fitness® is to give happiness and comfort to every participant by eliminating stress, so that it can ease mentally and physically your life!

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Instead of listening to music, you become the music in this exhilarating workout for the whole body that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training with movements inspired by yoga and pilates. Use of Ripstix®(with added weights), rods specially designed for exercise.

Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere to let go, get excited, tone up and dance!

Street Workout Logo

Street Workout

Street Workout was born from an idea of Simone Massaro and Maria Intorto. After a few years of silent indoor fitness, that enabled more events in the same area thanks to wireless headphones, Simone and Maria decided to break down the walls for an outdoor music fitness experience.

The chance to transfer music and coach’s voice to huge groups of people is a distinctive feature of this activity. An outdoor experience let the group combine information and instruction. We want to make sure that you’ll enjoy it and that you’ll have the chance to visit and discover the most distinctive and historic places while you’re keep fit. These are the (main) ingredients for a unique Street Workout experience.

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It is the novelty of the fitness stage that is conquering all Italian and European gyms. An energizing and great impact activity appreciated by women, which combines the best of cardio fitness with selected technical steps of Brazilian dance, extremely stimulating for abdomen and buttocks legs. An explosive mixture with engaging and intuitive choreography, for an extraordinarily effective method in terms of caloric consumption and deep, complete muscle stimulation.

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Pole Dance

Pole dance is a mix of gymnastic and a dance with a specific pole. So often, pole dance is confused with lap dance. However, there’s an important difference: pole dance is a sport activity, with a lots of acrobatic tricks that require strength, coordination, agility, flexibility and resistance skills.

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