Cruise boarding jun 18-25 2020
We will be at the Port of Civitavecchia starting from 13:00 and by 17:00, you will find the Fitness Dance Cruise counter where you will receive all the information and the badge to be able to participate in our activities.
The ship will sail at 20:00

Port of Genoa

06/19/2020 - GENOA

Cruise boarding jun 19-26 2020
We will be at the Port of Genoa starting at 12:00 and by 16:00, you will find the Fitness Dance Cruise desk where you will receive all the information and the badge to participate in our activities.
The ship will sail at 17:00


06/20/2020 - BARCELONA

Landing in BARCELONA (Spain) at 13.30
Capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a unique, fascinating and engaging city; a destination where you can discover eclectic architecture, breathe a vital atmosphere and enjoy an unforgettable nightlife. Like all port cities, Barcelona appears to be one of the most multiracial, open and cosmopolitan inland Spain, a true paradise for those who love modernity but, at the same time, are fascinated by the ancient traditions that link art, culture and entertainment where its colors and its sunshine are truly unforgettable for the visitors.
Boarding at 21:00


06/21/2020 - PALMA DE MALLORCA

Landing in Palma De Mallorca (Spain) at 08:00
Capital of the Balearics, the port of Palma de Mallorca is the gateway to a city rich in art and history. On the island you can find beautiful beaches, one of all that of S'Arenal. Boarding at 18:00

Costa pacifica

06/22/2020 - IN NAVIGATION

Day of navigation

La valletta

06/23/2020 - Malta

Landing in Valletta (Republic of Malta) at 09:00
Valletta is the baroque jewel of Malta. Located on a peninsula overlooking ports and inlets on both sides, the city has replaced Mdina as the nation's capital. The city has a long and illustrious history as a center of government and administration for all those who have governed the archipelago since its foundation after the great siege of 1565. Today, Valletta is a thriving city. Thanks to its grid-like layout and its small size, the city can easily be explored on foot and those embarking on this adventure will be well rewarded by the wonderful panoramic views, the curious characteristic shops that sell everything, the excellent restaurants, and above all, from the amazing architecture of the city. Boarding at 19:00


06/24/2020 - CATANIA

Landing in Catania (Italy) at 07.00
The coastal strip that is the Province of Catania looks out over the Ionian Sea, a natural boundary for the Province.
Catania lies cradled amidst the splendid greenery of its surroundings, yet at the same time opens out to the sea, welcoming us with its grand piazzas, wide roads, and architecture in lavic rock. The city is full of attractions, offering historic and artistic wonders for everyone.
Remnants of history prove that the various cultures that have left their mark; the people have absorbed the influences of their many rulers, as seen in the architectonic lines of the buildings, churches and monuments.
Etna dominates the landscape and is ever-present in the inhabitants' lives here, even so far as to shape the tastes of the land. This active volcano and Catania itself - a bustling marvel of a city on Sicily's eastern coast - are closely linked.
Boarding at 13:00


06/25/2020 - ROME

Landing in Civitavecchia (Italy) at 09.00 and end of cruise for those embarked on 06/18/2020
Laughing town north of Rome, famous for its port but with a beautiful promenade and a beautiful square surmounted by the castle. Civitavecchia is a characteristic maritime city where consequently you can taste the very delicious dishes based on crustaceans and maybe wait for the sunset sitting at one of the cafes on its coast.
Boarding at 20.00

Port of Genoa

06/26/2020 - GENOA

Landing in Genoa at 08:00
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