Do you already know Costa Pacifica?

The Costa Pacifica is already a Guinness record ship because it was christened in Genoa on the same day as the Costa Luminosa. His motto is "the sea in music": the themes of the preparations and the names of the bridges are all linked to the world of music.

A staff of emotions on board immersed in composers, works and musical instruments that decorate every room. The interior design of the Costa Pacifica was designed by an innovative artist in a harmonious blend of different styles. During the day, music is played throughout the ship. Particular care has been taken on board to provide an impeccable sound quality and the master Mauro Pagani has also written about thirty pieces exclusively for this cruise ship. When you are tired of music, go out on the external bridges to listen to the melody created by the lapping of the waters.

Aperol Spritz Bar

What is the right time for an Aperol Spritz? Certainly the sunset, when you enjoyed the pleasure of your excursions, relaxing by the sea, when you wore a suit for your evening and with friends you sat at the Aperol Spritz bar to enjoy the sun that slowly greets the day. Or before lunch when you are thirsty from tournaments with the animators and you want something fresh that will regenerate you and prepare you for the table. In short, every moment is good for an aperitif that has become a true Italian classic.

Self service restaurant

The Costa buffets are perfect for informal dining, whether for a light snack or a complete lunch. It is the moment in which to find the right energy when your day on the cruise becomes more intense. You can choose the buffet restaurant also for dinner, when you want to make a faster meal or to agree on the times and different needs of more people. The variety of vegetables and salads, first courses, meat and fish, delicious desserts and specialties for the little ones, offers a pleasant and colorful eye-catcher. The large windows overlooking the sea invite you to relax and enjoy the joys of good food. Our waiters will take care of the drinks and the cleaning of the tables.

Samsara restaurant

The menu created by Stefano Fontanesi, Costa Corporate Chef, and Riccardo Bellaera, Costa Corporate Pastry Chef, is an explosion of taste where habanero peppers, cashews and Japanese sake meet Mediterranean specialties: olive oil, fettuccine, Greek feta and more. Any examples? Mango ceviche with onions from Tropea and aji amarillo, risotto with curried octopus, beef tenderloin with tamarind sauce, fried okra, ginger sweet potato puree: a real journey! The Samsara restaurant, in a refined and exclusive environment, combines the creativity of the Costa chefs with typical ingredients of Pacific and Mediterranean cuisines. Fresh and appetizing flavors, innovative cuisine, rich in aromas and scents from Asia and South America, prepared with the Mediterranean in the heart.


What holiday would it be without shopping? Many opportunities to make, or make, a gift: your favorite perfume, a precious watch or that extra dress you forgot to pack. You can also buy the souvenirs of your holiday or what you need to enjoy it to the fullest, sunglasses, protective cream, without the risk of being left without something that is useful to you. Furthermore, the Costa brand boutique always offers you the right idea for a nice memory.

Bravo Chef show

Are you passionate about cooking? Would you like to attend a chef show? Bravo Chef show gives you this possibility. You can get a taste of the Costa kitchen staff's expertise and discover some little secrets to make your dishes super. In addition, the fastest finger will have the chance to win restaurant vouchers by participating in the final quiz.

Amarillo ice cream and chocolate shop

An environment that seems to come out of fairy tales, where to treat yourself to a romantic gluttony or a delicious snack with your children. For the Gelateria Amarillo, Costa has chosen the best: on board the ice cream makers use only the basic aromas of Agrimontana to prepare an ice cream rich in flavor, creamy and that preserves all the nutritional properties. Italian style is also celebrated in confectionery with Biasetto sweets and Gobino chocolate. In this sea of sweetness there is only the embarrassment of the choice on what to dive first.

Burger d’Autore

For dinner, you can enjoy one of the most popular American products, reinterpreted according to Italian taste and passion, with the quality ingredients of our tradition, healthy and genuine: Fassona beef, Italian cheeses of certified origin and fresh vegetables. The fragrant bread contains this triumph of taste that makes you want to give another one at every bite. The corner dedicated to burgers is located in the informal setting of the self service restaurant. Take a look at the list written on the board, and order sandwiches, fries and a nice Italian craft beer!


For you who love to dance and stay up late, the disco is the last date of the day. Here the music is really engaging and those who love dance music can have fun and dance on the sea until dawn. Nothing more fun and romantic. Make new friends at the wild pace of the night. The decibels of fun play to the maximum and make you feel part of a beautiful night and then, while everyone sleeps, you watch the sun rise from the sea together.

Pizzeria Pummid’oro

On board the Costa ships there is a place more than others that makes you feel in Italy. It is the Pummid'Oro pizzeria, where you can eat the most famous Italian dish, rigorously prepared according to the original recipe. Spend an informal evening with friends or your family. There are 14 pizzas on the menu to satisfy everyone's tastes, from the most requested, Margherita, Napoli, Quattro stagioni and Calzone to a real specialty: the Ligurian cheese focaccia. All accompanied by excellent wine or draft beer. And maybe, after making an encore, you can end the evening in style with a selection of typical sweets. The secret of Pummid’Oro pizzeria lies in the simple and genuine ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and mozzarella prepared on board.

Samsara spa area

The Samsara spa spa area, present only on some ships, is a true wellness oasis. It occupies up to 6,000 square meters of space, entirely dedicated to finding physical energy and mental balance in a unique atmosphere, with the spirit of the ancient Roman baths. Let yourself go to the gentle waterways of the thermal and thalassotherapy pools, steam baths and Finnish saunas, experience the treatments inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic teachings. Close your eyes and regenerate. The Samsara spa, overlooking the sea, is a world where time is suspended, a unique experience to live in harmony with yourself. You will come out renewed in body and spirit.

Cabins and suites

Each Costa cabin is comfortable and welcoming. The right place to rest after a busy day of activities, meetings, experiences on board and on land. Costa offers different types of cabins in terms of size and position that allow you to find the space that best suits your needs. Whether inside or outside with sea view, with balcony or suite, all the cabins are designed to offer you maximum comfort, elegance and relaxation.
In the cabin you will have:

  • Adjustable air conditioning with thermostat
  • Interactive flat-screen satellite TV
  • Linen changed regularly (sheets and towels)
  • Minibar and Room Service 24 hours a day (for a fee)
  • Steward always available
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Wi-Fi connection (for a fee)
  • Hairdryer

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